Tell your own story..

Mindfit: Small group coaching for women who want to get moving and love their lives.

Mindfit is a four week online project that gives women the opportunity to set goals, challenge themselves and start telling their own stories once more.

Time is racing by and you're so busy that you barely have a minute to yourself these days!

And exercise? That fell by the wayside long ago!

The Mindfit project will give you clear directions on how to prioritise your time. More importantly, it gives you permission to become a priority in your own life once more... permission that sometimes we forget to give ourselves.

You will make regular exercise a focus to support your mental and physical health (even if you are an absolute beginner), and undertake weekly challenges to help you reclaim your love of life.

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Transition coaching: Remember Who You Are.

Women move through intense periods of transition throughout their lives. As society watches on with its unrealistic expectations of how we should look, feel and behave, we move through numerous deep shifts in identity. New relationships, motherhood, infertility and its treatment, the choice not to become a parent, children starting school, sexuality, the return to career, separation and divorce, families changing shape, caring for elderly parents... People telling us how we should be at every turn.

It's time to remember who you are. Whilst these transitions help shape our understanding of ourselves, they don't need to dictate who we become.

Katie's transition coaching packages are designed to help you rediscover who you are without the labels, and set you free from your own preconceived beliefs. Wife, friend, mother, CEO, divorcee, carer, partner, widow, worker... It's time to find peace in where you are now, and joy in who you've always known you could be.

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